Play’s the thing

In his Somerset garden – once the home of designer Georgia Langton – Michael Le Poer Trench has added a host of playfully romantic touches that make this spectacular space sing with creativity and invention.

design ideas | Parking

Designing a parking space may not be the most glamorous job in the world, but look on it as a way of extending your garden and it takes on a whole new dimension.

Gardens Illustrated design ideas benches

design ideas | Sitting pretty

At their best benches should represent the perfect fusion of form and function – not only somewhere to sit and while away an hour or two, but also sculptural pieces in their own right.

Rock opera

Rock-garden maestro Peter Berg regards each stone as an instrument with its own song to sing, and in this steeply sloping garden in Luxembourg he orchestrates those rocks with a chorus of plants in magnificent harmony.

design ideas | Hedges

Domestic hedges are more than just dividing lines;they can be ornamental in their own right. James Alexander-Sinclair considers the options, depending on your taste and situation.

design ideas | Potagers

When is a vegetable garden not a vegetable garden? When it’s a potager of course. But does the distinction come down to anything more than pretension or French good taste?

design ideas | Pastures new

Nothing beats the romance of a beautiful meadow, as countless poets, scriptwriters and even chocolate manufacturers will testify. But it’s notoriously difficult to create one yourself.

Steeped in Soil

There’s an organic garden in Oxfordshire that James Alexander-Sinclair doesn’t want anyone to know about. But he’ll let you into the secret, provided you don’t tell a soul.

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