Growing Society Changes Lives

The RHS stands for the good of people, plants and the planet through gardening. Here, in the first of a three-part series, a member of Council looks at how the Society’s work is a force for good for the population as a whole.

We love September

Magazines have quite a long lead time so I am assuming that by the time you read this it will actually have rained – if it hasn’t then we are right up the creek without a paddle.

Gardeners World August 2018

We love August for its opulent hot hues

August (and, indeed, late July) for those blessed people among you who subscribe to this excellent publication) is the time for Leos. I am not usually given to believing horoscopes, but Leos are undoubtedly fine people full to the gunwales with passion, colour and joie de vivre.

Changing Society

The RHS is evolving at a faster pace than ever before. How is Sue Biggs, Director General, inspiring the Society – and the nation – to grow?

Play’s the thing

In his Somerset garden – once the home of designer Georgia Langton – Michael Le Poer Trench has added a host of playfully romantic touches that make this spectacular space sing with creativity and invention.

design ideas | Parking

Designing a parking space may not be the most glamorous job in the world, but look on it as a way of extending your garden and it takes on a whole new dimension.

Gardens Illustrated design ideas benches

design ideas | Sitting pretty

At their best benches should represent the perfect fusion of form and function – not only somewhere to sit and while away an hour or two, but also sculptural pieces in their own right.

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