It is very small indeed which sets different challenges.

The first thing was to twist everything (paving, beds, views etc) by 45 degrees so that everything runs along the diagonal: this simple trick magically makes any garden look much bigger as it concentrates on the longest axis (as they say in maths language). There is a linear fence along one side which is made from narrow shards of cedar (which has the added advantages of both smelling good and deterring moths).

The build (carried out by Modular Pro) was not an easy one as it was very cramped and a carelessly swung cat could take somebody’s eye out.

There is an illuminated rill which zig-zags across the garden adding a bit of movement and sparkle to proceedings. The planting has, by necessity, to be very simple purely as there is very little space. A few feature plants including a very handsome Cornus, a clipped Liquidambar and the biggest and best climbing rose in the world, Rosa laevigata Coopers Burmese.

This rose is evergreen in London and is currently four stories high.