The Feathers Of A Dysfunctional Goldfinch

Literally two people have urged me to get on with the next episode of Three Men Went To Mow so, without further ado, here it is. It was filmed at the Gibberd Garden in Essex.

[youtube clip_id=”KyqukNE1tQA”]

There has also been a complete uproar from an eager folk wishing me to get on with it and get WordPress sorted out. In case of random attacks I have had to let the Rottweilers roam freely at night outside my house and there are buckets of water placed at strategic points in case of flaming arrows.

I have listened to my public and, as a result, this blog will be simultaneously published both here and here for the next few weeks before the gentle withdrawal of support from .me. I will be very sad to leave .me as the format is ridiculously simple but I guess I will get used to all that WordPress loving. This WordPress site is a little bit incomplete – no links etc yet – but nearly there.

We are currently adding bits on to one of my favourite gardens: the one that was featured in Gardens Illustrated a couple of months ago (with magic prose from one M.Wilson – Lord of the Hedges).

We are adding a herb garden and moving the wild flower meadow(i) a bit further down the hill. The courtyard that we planted a couple of years ago is looking sensational. If I might say so: so good,indeed, that I give you two pictures so you can say Oooh or Aaah depending on your preference.

My only other piece of information this week is that I have been thinking (ii) about the fact that newsreaders often have odd names. Firstly there is the magnificently named Fenella Mimosa Fudge. Followed by Debbie Tubby, Ettalie Pegram and Sabrina de Cauncey Mayflower (iii)

I am listening to You Could Have Had Me Baby by Esther Phillips

The picture is of some particularly handsome fungus.

Last year I was swept up in Olympic rowing and box hedges.

  1. Says he blithely… it is not quite as easy as that but will hopefully work in the end.
  2. Not especially deeply, I would like you to know.It is not as if I have been sitting in a darkened room smoking a pipe and taking cocaine in order to sharpen my faculties. Just gently musing as I was going about the place.
  3. One of these names may have been invented.