Horse chestnut

A Cream Horn And A Fine Begonia


Two blog posts within a single week. I have not achieved that since about 2009. You will be relieved to know that this one is brief, pert and to the point rather than some ramble about holes in the ground and unsavoury reminiscences.

We have made another Three Men film.

It has been a long time since the last, moustache driven, offering so we thought it time for a big production number.

This time inspired by the very wonderful, Oscar winning film, The Artist: and from there obviously by the whole pantheon of silent movies. Our various friends and relations seemed quite relieved that it was a silent film for some unfathomable reason. It was filmed and edited by my very talented elder son Archie and his friend Max Dovey: as a result the production values are somewhat higher than our usual standard.

It is in honour of the National Gardens Scheme whose 85th birthday falls this year and whose President is none other than Mr.J.Swift.

The public premiere of this work happened at the Yellow Book Press Conference yesterday  – except it didn’t as Mr C.West insisted on showing it at a lecture he gave at Tatton Park at the weekend. He has no feeling for the grand reveal, that boy.

It has, as you will discover, absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with gardens.

The picture, however, does as it is a pair of emerging Horse Chestnut leaves.