Clover, Coriander and Castrol GTX

I have come to the conclusion that the following people deserve a light ripple of extra applause: Horatio Nelson, Moshe Dyan, Gordon Banks (in retirement), Polyphemus (and his fellow Cyclops), Rooster Cogburn, assorted fictional pirates and that purple girl with the chest in Futurama.

The linking strand, as I am sure you have guessed is only having sight in one eye. Due to a tedious by product of getting older I am having to do most things with one eye shut at the moment (all to do with prismatic imbalances, astigmatism and stuff) which is very dull and completely exhausting – especially when drawing or typing or reading.

All of which I am doing at the moment – most particularly I am trying to compile a list of plants that look good in February for Kay Maguire at Gardeners World Magazine. Not the simplest task – I offered a large list entitled “Plants without Leaves in February” but apparently that was not good enough for Ms Maguire.

Yesterday I saw an extraordinary new garden where the previous owner (when not “away” – in a Jeffrey Archer/ Ronnie Kray kind of way) had built an enormous swimming pool surrounded by thirty concrete pillars not more than twelve feet from the kitchen door. A rather unsavoury picture struck me of his wandering out of his kitchen wearing very small turquoise Speedos beneath an enormous paunch. Anyway it has to go – somehow: not easy as the walls and floor are over a foot thick.

Hey -hum.

I am listening to Never too Much by Luther Vandross and the picture is of the staggeringly beautiful Molinia Windspeil.