This is the second garden that I have made for these clients and, I must say, they are very good indeed at finding idyllic and semi derelict barns in the middle of nowhere. This one began life as a tumbledown shack and we decided that it needed a story.

So, in our minds, it became a long deserted priory centred around an ancient and venerated well. The idea was that the nuns left one day never to return although the trailing vestiges of their garden remain. 

There are three levels all linked together by the trickling rills from the (ostensibly) sacred well. All planting is in Cotswold gravel with rough stepping stones to make wandering easier. I have probably said this before but plants love gravel.

There are lots of fruit trees, roses and herbs. Some beautifully laid York stone paving and a Transylvanian shed which must be one of the most delightful spare rooms in England.