The emu was ace at parallel parking

Filming at Stowe last Thursday for an UKTV History thing about the gardens. Fortunately without downpours. Haven’t done any filming at all this year for whatever reason so it was fun to have a day out spouting off about such a fantastic place. We did succeed in upsetting a number of small children by occupying a fine set of steps which just happened to be a favourite venue for toddler stair-climbing marathons.

It is a staggering piece of design and is only about five miles from here – so, as a result, I have not been there for about a decade ! My favourite bit is either the broad sweep of the Grecian valley up to the Temple of Concord and Victory or (on a smaller scale) the face of the Black Prince. Well worth the £6 entry fee. Lots of landscape, bit of poetry, loads of Latin, great buildings, nice ducks, big trees, rolling lawns and towering monuments.

Friday was wet – I managed to catch the worst rainstorm of the day while standing with a client beside a muddy hole (soon to become a lake) conveniently positioned in the middle of a field as far away from any shelter as it is possible to be. Still, should be a spectacular piece of water once we have finished.

The picture is of a split oak fence at Stowe. I am listening to Cry,Cry,Cry by Robbie Fulks on the Cash Covered album