Warthogs and Filigree

Everything I did yesterday began with W.

Laying out plants in Water Stratford, then going north to deal with Water, Walls and Waterfalls.

Then to Worcestershire to check progress at Wolverton (not much ,seeing as you asked), dropped in on Simon Williamson (at Readyhedge to look at Yews and eat chocolate cake – thank you, Jess) followed by a quick stop at Wormington before ending the day at Waitrose in Wantage (collecting my daughter).

Odd really.

Thursday was a long day: flew to Edinburgh for the day to interview contractors for a great job in Fife.

That part of Scotland seems a bit short of gardeners so have been fishing about in the dark. It was quite decent weather until the actual moment came when I had to go and wander around the site with the contractors at which point the heavens opened and we all got wet.

I hate flying most of the time as I am one of those wimps who think the wings are falling off every time we go through even the fluffiest of clouds. It is best to go early and try to sleep through take off.

The picture is of a warehouse in the meat packing district of New York that was in the process of becoming an art gallery. The lighting is coincidental.

I am listening to Sly and the Family Stone.