“Yes sir, I can boogie” insisted the Lance Corporal

Went to London today to see one of my most delightful clients who is creating a wonderful building in Paddington. As is the way of these things everything is running a little late but hopefully we will get started on the garden by springtime. It is a very tiny garden and as such very different from most of my work. Interesting.

I then wandered up Oxford Street. I was struck by the ever increasing number of very bored looking Eastern Europeans standing around acting as human signposts for all manner of shops ranging from MacDonalds to Golf shops. The more organised have cross bars taped to their signposts so they have something to lean on, others were wearing grubby Santa Claus outfits. All of them projected a sort of bewildered menace. I sure they never used to be there.

I am listening to Black Devil Car by Jamiroquai and the picture is of wet Yew.