Stranger than sauerkraut

Bit of a gale on Saturday night. As a result all my Molinia Windspeil have ended up flat on their backs like tarts on a poop deck.

Usually this happens – unaided by wind – on  the 7th December so a little precipitate.

I did a lot of weeding this weekend and had forgotten how satisfying chasing couch grass can be when the soil is soft and damp. Long knuckled roots with dart sharp ends.

Had a long trundle around Gloucestershire and Worcestershire today placing the last of the bulbs and lots of roses.

At one site we are installing a sedum roof on top of a very ugly flat roof that is very visible as you climb the stairs. All the stuff arrived today: a sort of spongy foam, grey soil substitute and wodgy mats of sedum growing on coconut matting. As an extra I have added Tulip acuminata, Crocus Snow Bunting, Crocus Ladykiller and Iris reticulata George. There is a possibility that none of them will grow but I think it is worth the experiment. If they do it will be spectacular for longer, if not then we will just have to wait for the sedum. Either way we can have a nice fuzzy green moment as well as we make a feeble step towards carbon neutralisation.

I am listening to Adelaide’s lament from Guys and Dolls (“A poi-sern can develop la gripe…etc”) and the picture is of my poor Molinia.