I first saw this garden it in 2015 as a field with a tumbledown barn. Since then a lot has happened – apart from anything else they built a very beautiful house.

Around the house the planting is pretty simple as the idea was to concentrate on the views. We dug a couple of lakes (one with a good boathouse) and have planted a load of trees as the idea is to partially conceal the house in a wood. As is the way in life, they need to grow quote a lot before we get that effect!

The main entrance to the house is set back between two wings: we planted that courtyard with some handsome espaliered pears and a series of razor edged yew cubes. 

Around the south of the house there are beefy beds between house and the surrounding fields. Big Cardoons (one of my favourites), chunky Euphorbias and fields of Salvia. 

One to watch…