Three years ago we moved to sunny Oxfordshire leaving behind our beloved Blackpitts, our home of twenty something years. It was tough but now we feel thoroughly at home here. The garden is very young and I have tried to make it quite different to what we are used to – this is helped by the existence of some mature trees which we did not have at Blackpitts. When we arrived there were a number on inappropriately planted leylandii which we felled immediately and were rewarded by a feeling of lightness and warmth.

We have, so far, planted a couple of green roofs, a gravel garden outside the office, we have made a couple of raised banks from building spoil and created a rather promising pond. Celestria has made a handsome vegetable garden than supplies an abundance of beans, fruit, squash etc etc

It is young but promises much and already I feel that I never want to leave.