He Swiftly Discovered That Fireworks Make Poor Air Fresheners

Is anybody else suffering from a rash of spam offering cut price watches ? I am and underneath the selling bit is an, occasionally, interesting piece of seemingly random prose – for example:

creature of self-discipline the forest, eating delicious fruits and looking
competence with eyes of love into answering eyes.
stood silently looking at dive the eleven dead body of the beast whose prey
warm they had so narrowly escaped becoming.


in quotes end of thirty days perspective entered emphasis their own
country.  offer to do something disheartened group. let somebody down
skull end of thirty days speak with emphasis entered give/present my
compliments to their own country.

Why ? I don’t know but I wish it would go away. Still I suppose it is better than naked anorexic Russian teenagers – which miraculously dried up overnight after my ISP pushed some sort of button.

Have just had a meeting with one of my favourite clients to talk about trees and hedges and grass and stuff. I have just put some paths through a part of the garden that was intended to become woodland but things are changing due to the vagaries of planners and life. It will probably end up as a big lawn with some great trees. A pity really as the intention was to  wander through the woodland and then appear,as if by magic, into this wonderful formal garden with ponds and a fantastic building – but the planners decided that (even though it would have been technically perfect and aesthetically irresistible) it was not fitting. Harrrumph.

This is the before picture – inappropriate conifers and not much else. (Note from the future: this post has recently arrived here – July 2012 – and I could not be bothered to move a dull picture of a conifer: sorry)

Still, these things happen and the other part of the garden has worked out very well – I will put up a picture of it at some moment.

The above picture is Miscanthus Kleine Fontaine and is there especially for Jane Owen as she is so narrow minded about grasses.

Other interesting things – am off to see Jarhead at the cinema in Northampton and am listening to a melodious but (perhaps) slightly depressed fellow called Sufjan Stevens – album called Come on feel the Illinoise. He has wonderful track titles like “A short reprise for Mary Tod, Who Went Insane but for Very Good Reasons” or “The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is Out To Get Us!”