The Butter Men Hated Hot Weather..

Another very hot day. Everything is looking a bit knackered, really. The Alliums had the colour washed out of them very quickly, the Geraniums have bolted away and are looking floppy and unenthusiastic. We had a brief attempt at rain this afternoon – big, plump raindrops falling far away from each other but not enough to dampen a Kleenex. It is an established human right of all gardeners to complain when it is raining and also to complain (with equal volubility) when it is hot.

It was the Grand Prix at Silverstone (just around the corner) this weekend but now all the thousands of petrolheads have carted their sunburnt bodies back home and the campsites are just fields with neat piles collected rubbish. I’m afraid that I can’t really see the attraction of very noisy, smelly cars beetling round and round at terrifying speeds.

I have a job just finishing at the moment – all the construction and hard landscaping is complete and looking great. The problem is that I now need to sit down and sort out some planting – double quick as I told them it would be ready when they got back from holiday on Friday. So I guess I better go and do something about it………….. I am listening to Better off Dead from Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy (Elton John in case anybody is too young to remember it): perhaps a little embarrassing to be caught listening to it but it is a very good album and my iTunes is on shuffle so I can’t really be blamed!

The picture was taken this morning and is the first of the big poppies to open in my garden.